1 of 2 'fake' cops was actually Jacksonville detective, deputies say

2 Jacksonville nurses question authenticity of officers who pulled them over

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – After two Jacksonville nurses questioned the authenticity of officers who pulled them over in separate incidents, St. Johns County deputies verified that one of the officers in question was actually a Jacksonville detective.

The nurses reported being pulled over along Interstate 95.

One said that she was driving south on her way home from work and a dark colored Chevy 4-door sedan pulled up beside her before falling back and activating red and blue lights mounted at the top of the windshield.

She said the man was wearing a blue striped polo shirt and a plastic tag around his neck that read “JSO Detective” but did not show any other identification or badge and did not appear to be armed.

He returned her license without issuing a ticket, and she reported the incident to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office, concerned that the detective was not an actual officer. Deputies have since confirmed that he was indeed a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office detective.

The other incident, however, is still under investigation.

Deputies said another Jacksonville nurse was heading north on I-95 on her way to work from St. Johns County when red and blue lights came on behind her near the county line.

She described the “officer” who stopped her as a white man in his 50s with very short or shaved hair.

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