Dog blamed for pet attacks hit, killed by car, woman says

Neighbors say 2 wild dogs suspected of killing 16 house cats, 7 chickens

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A pet owner in San Marco who said her cat was mauled to death by two dogs told News4Jax one of the dogs was hit and killed by a car.

Cynthia Carter-Ross said she chased the dogs with a baseball bat when they returned to her yard and tried to corner her other cat that got out of the house.

With a bat in one hand and cell phone in the other, she began taking photos of the dogs while chasing them. As the dogs ran, one was hit by a car.

"The bigger one (dog) had been hit. It was laying in the road," Carter-Ross said. "I guess maybe the person that hit him saw me with my bat and thought I was crazy or something and they left."

Prior to the dogs being chased, they were identified by pet owners in San Marco and Lakewood as the same two dogs that attacked and killed more than 20 house cats and chickens in their yards. They were also identified as the same two dogs that acted aggressive toward people walking small dogs.

For several days, Animal Control and Protective Services had a cage in place to trap the dogs, but they were too elusive to take the bait. 

Some residents shared concern that the dogs would go after a small child, but no incidents were reported. It's unclear where the smaller of the two dogs ran off.

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