3 teenagers arrested in armed burglary of Mandarin home

Suspect told Jacksonville police 3 were celebrating birthday by car hopping

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Three teenagers are in jail Wednesday night, accused in a series of recent armed home and auto burglaries in Mandarin are in custody, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. 

Police said Benjamin Huger, Dakota Harney and Deja Terry, all 18 years old, were seen on surveillance video entering a home on Canopy Oaks Drive at 4:30 a.m. Monday. According to police, the victim woke up to find one of the suspects standing over him in his bedroom. Once the suspect realized the victim was awake, the young man fled the residence.

The three are accused of taking a handgun and cellphone.

Police say they also rummaged through unlocked vehicles at the home, but nothing was taken.

News4Jax showed doorbell surveillance video Monday night of someone with a gun walking up to the front door of a Mandarin home. Police said that was Harney.

The Sheriff's Office said two fingerprints lifted from the scene matched those for Huger. During an interview, Huger told officer that he and friends were out celebrating his birthday car hopping. They found an unlocked garage door, unlocked vehicles in the garage and an unlocked door entering the house.

According to police, Huger admitted to taking the handgun from the victim’s nightstand while the victim slept next to it. Officers said the stolen handgun was recovered.

Investigation led to the identification of Terry and Harney as the other suspects.

Haney and Huger were also charged with vehicle burglary in a separate incident on Lazarette Court, also in Mandarin.

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