Rescued baby peacock struts his stuff on social media

Drew went from trash to treasure, literally

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WHITE OAK, Ga. – This may be the cutest story you see all year. 

Drew, a 6-week-old peacock from Georgia, struts his stuff in videos and photos posted on Hairy Farmpit Girls' Facebook page, and social media is eating it up. 

The feathery baby may be cute, but how he got to the farm is a different story. 

"Drew was thrown in a garbage can out in Douglas, Georgia," Jennifer Evitts, owner
of Hairy Farmpit Girls, told News4Jax. "Someone saw what happened, grabbed him and then reached out to us to see if we would take him as she didn't know what to do with him." 

Hairy Farmpit Girls have taken Drew in and have fallen in love. 

The farm is also known for its other adorable baby animals. Check out these two adorable, extra bouncy goats playing around! 

Baby goats playing. These guys are extra bouncy. Enjoy!

Posted by Hairy Farmpit Girls on Friday, February 16, 2018

In addition to providing a safe haven for abused or neglected animals, the farm sells a range of goat milk-based products, from soap to lotion to lip balm, to support their cause.

"We love animals, so all of our animals have a retirement plan to live all their days happy here," Jennifer Evitts said. 

Hairy Farmpit Girls' products are sold in nine stores, including the Golden Goat Trading Company at the Avenues Mall.  

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