Would-be burglar thwarted by home alarm system

Prowler tries to invade Northside house

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A would-be burglar was caught on surveillance camera as he tried to break into a home on Jacksonville's Northside.

In the video, the prowler knocked on William Smalls' door several times Monday. That person then goes to the back of Smalls' home, puts on gloves, opens the breaker box and cuts the lines -- killing the power.

What the prowler didn't seem to know: Smalls has a home security system.

RAW: Surveillance video shows would-be burglar

"I was just shaking my head the whole time -- can't believe people would try to break into your home when you're trying so hard to do things right for yourself," Smalls said.

Although cutting the power caused the cameras to turn off, Smalls' alarm was still active.

"He came over here and took the brick that he was carrying with him for some odd reason and broke my bathroom window," Smalls said.

Once the window was shattered, Smalls' alarm sounded -- scaring away the unsuccessful housebreaker. 

As of Thursday, the prowler had not been arrested.

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