Couch surfing? Stunt turns heads on Jacksonville highway

This gives couch surfing a whole new meaning

IG: Emmabug
IG: Emmabug

JACKSONVILLE – Well, this story gives couch surfing a whole new meaning.

A News4Jax viewer (IG: Emmabug) shared a photo showing a person seated on a couch poking out of the back of a car on the highway over the weekend.

The viewer said the photo was taken Saturday near the Fuller Warren Bridge not far from the Interstate 95/Interstate 10 split.

While mattresses were tied down to the top of the vehicle, it doesn't appear the couch-surfing passenger was wearing a seat belt or any kind of safety restraint.

News4Jax traffic reporter Crystal Moyer discouraged anyone watching at home from trying something like this, saying it's extremely dangerous -- not to mention illegal.

"I am shocked with all of the deadly crashes that I report on... I can't believe that someone would do something so risky on a busy highway," Moyer said. "I hope by showing this photo people realize how dangerous this is and reconsider some of the decisions they make." 

At some point, the driver took an exit, leaving the whereabouts of the man and car unknown. But the photo has people scratching their heads. 

***Do not use your cell phone while driving. We do not support this behavior. Get a passenger to take it, like Emmabug.*** 

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