Flooding problems arise once again at Connie Jean, residents say

Standing water currently an issue, among other concerns


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – People living on the Westside are dealing with major flooding concerns, but at the Connie Jean mobile home complex, residents said Sunday that this isn’t exactly new.

The water is currently so high that cars are stuck until the levels recede.

“If something happens to somebody over here (and we need) EMTs, they’re all going to get stuck in here,” said Amanda Inskeep, who lives at the complex.

Inskeep and others said they’re sick of the flooding. Some of the residents have written letters to the mayor, complaining about what they call “horrible” drainage.

Joel Brown, president of RHP properties, which owns the mobile home complex, issued a statement Monday in response to the flooding reading:

The safety and well-being of our residents is our top priority.  This was an extremely heavy rain event the area experienced recently.  The water has receded and we have implemented a long-term solution in this regard.

The flooding has been an issue for years. One woman said she’s lived at the complex for more than 20 years, and in those two decades, the drainage system has never worked properly -- leaving water to rise.

Standing water can be seen around the complex. In some cases, residents have to wade to get to their neighbors’ homes.

“I lived here for seven and a half years, and we’re still having these problems since I moved here,” said Maria Torres, another resident.

Inskeep and her brother, Michael, contacted News4Jax, after Michael sent a letter to Mayor Lenny Curry, requesting help.

“The hurricane was worse,” Inskeep said. “They couldn’t get this side out for almost two weeks because it was flooded. As you can see from today, it’s up past my knees.”

News4Jax contacted the landlord to see if the drainage issues are being addressed. He said the property owner is working on a resolution.

In the meantime, residents are left to deal with the rising water.

“It’s horrible,” Inskeep said. “We shouldn’t have to worry about this every single time it rains.”