Mom says son had asthma attack after eating 'Dragon Breath'

Novelty dessert is infused with liquid nitrogen, allows consumers to blow smoke

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – A mother in St. Johns County offered a warning about the liquid nitrogen-infused dessert known as Dragon Breath after she said her son ate the treat and had an asthma attack.

Racheal McKenny said her son and his friends were at a mall when they decided to try Dragon Breath -- a novelty dessert typically made of fruity cereal puffs. People who consume the treat are able to blow a puff of smoke after taking a bite.

About 10 minutes after McKenny's son ate the treat, he had an asthma attack and did not have his inhaler, his mother said.

That's when they stopped at a fire station in St. Johns County to get help.

"My son could have died. Please do not make the same mistake I did," McKenny posted on her Facebook page. 

McKenney said the EMT's quick thinking saved her son's life. She hopes no other child has the same medical scare.

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