HOAX: Viral photo claims Hurricane Florence 'contains sharks'

Is it true? Are we going to have a real life 'Sharknado'?

Photo does not have a caption

JACKSONVILLE – Memes, jokes and fake photos are making waves on social media as Hurricane Florence heads to the east coast. 

The latest hoax, "Florence Now Contains Sharks." 

So is the viral photo true? Are we going to have a real life "Sharknado?" 

The answer is no. The photo above is FALSE.

The photo itself looks real, like it was published by CNN, but it was originally created by a site called, "BreakYourOwnNews.com," WUSA9 reports. 

What is true is that Florence is Florence is expected to make landfall as a Category 1 storm around Friday afternoon near Wilmington. 

For more accurate and real information on the Hurricane, click here

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