Man claims ghost planted meth inside his home

WEST MONROE, La. – A man felt he had a good excuse for how drugs ended up inside his home... if he was a character in a Ghostbusters movie!

Police in West Monroe, La. responded to the home of Michael Auttonberry this week after he claimed in a 911 call that he had been stabbed in the head by an axe.

When police arrived, they found Auttonberry, 59, had not been stabbed and there was no one else inside the home, TheSmokingGun reports.

Instead, police found a brown bag containing 1 gram of methamphetamine in plain view on Auttonberry's night stand.

Auttonberry claimed a ghost had placed the meth in the home, and another gram of meth that was found on him.

Auttonberry was arrested and charged with felony narcotics possession and a criminal mischief count.