Floridians will fall back as Daylight Saving Time ends

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Daylight saving time is coming to an end.

Clocks will “fall back” one hour at 2 a.m. Sunday, so set a reminder on your phone to roll back the clocks in your home to standard time.

We will gain one hour of sleep *hooray!* on that Sunday, which we know everyone enjoys.

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Ever since June 22, the days have been getting shorter and now with October here, daylight is shrinking faster.

We in the greater Jacksonville area are losing about 1 minute, 40 seconds a day. This means from the start of October, daylight shortens 52 minutes by the end.

The days will continue to shorten after the switch back to Standard Time, but only slower losing just 37 minutes during the entire month of November.

Switching clocks every year may come to an end with the Sunshine Protection Act, still awaiting congressional approval.

It would establish permanent daylight saving time in the U.S., leading to later sunrises and sunsets during the four months in which most of the U.S. currently observes standard time.