Student brought knife to Lake Lucina Elementary School, officials say

School officials said student threatened to harm someone, was detained

Lake Lucina Elementary School
Lake Lucina Elementary School

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A student brought a knife to Lake Lucina Elementary School Tuesday and threatened to harm someone but no one was hurt, according to school officials.

The student was detained and the knife confiscated. There's no word on the age of the student.

The principal of Lake Lucina Elementary sent a message to parents who have students at the school, asking them to speak to their children about resolving conflict and stressing the importance of students letting their teacher know if there's a problem.

The complete message sent to parents is listed as follows:

Good afternoon parents and guardians of Lake Lucina, this is Principal Marsh calling to inform you of an incident that occurred on campus today and to ask for your continued support in keeping our school safe for all students.

Thanks to a tip from a student, we learned that another student was in possession of a knife on campus and that this student had verbally threatened to do harm to someone else. With the assistance of law enforcement, we were able to intervene. The offending student was detained without incident. The knife was confiscated, and the matter referred to law enforcement for further investigation. We will enforce the code of student conduct appropriately, and as always with this type of prohibited item, law enforcement will review the potential for other consequences.

We all play a role in keeping Lake Lucina a safe and productive learning environment.  Please remind your students that resolving conflict is a matter of words and dialog, and should never involve any form of physical confrontation. If students are struggling with how to handle situations with other students, please encourage them to bring those situations to the staff here at Lake Lucina, and we can help them.  Also, just like the student who shared today, if you see or hear of any potential threat to our school or our students, please bring those to our attention as quickly as possible.

I am personally grateful for the student who had the courage to speak up. I appreciate your support and partnership as we work together for the safety and success of all students.  Thank you for your attention and have a good evening.