Florida cops bust drivers who don't stop for school bus after mom's complain


PORT RICHEY, Fla. – Florida drivers who refused to follow the law next to a stopped school bus learned their lesson the hard way thanks to two moms looking to end the dangerous driving.

For weeks, Kristen Rieger and Monica Douglas of Port Richey would film drivers speeding past the stopped school bus along US 19. As the cars zoomed past, the mothers would yell at the drivers, urging them to stop, WFTS reports.

Once Pasco County deputies saw the video, they took action by blocking off the road and stopping all drivers who sped past the stopped bus. Each driver was ticketed for the violation.

Even while the officers were handing out tickets, vehicles continued to pass the bus while the "stop" signs were extended.

Douglas and Rieger could be heard cheering with glee in the background of the video as the violators being ticketed for their actions.

Posted by Monica Douglas on Wednesday, November 14, 2018