Comic book crooks sought by Jacksonville store owners


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Some Jacksonville comic book store owners are marveled by two brazen thieves accused of stealing from several shops.

Surveillance images circulating on social media show the men inside Mythical Mountain in Mandarin. Jamey Dellaire, the store's owner, says they got away with several comic books and action figures.

"One guy was walking around the store, had turned his hoodie into a bag and was just taking handfuls of comic books," Dellaire said. "The other guy was keeping our employee and myself occupied with just idle chitchat."

After about 45 minutes of browsing through the aisles, the duo, who the owner said claimed to be father and son, took off with merchandise.

"Some stuff is worth 20 bucks, some stuff is worth 80," Dellaire said. 

About 11 miles away on the Southside, the same thing happened at Gotham City Limit, Ben Kingsbury said.

"All the puzzle pieces started to connect," Kingsbury, the owner of Gotham City Limit, told News4Jax. "Somebody mentioned that these were the same people that robbed Mythical and then we found out that, I mean, targeting small local shops, how cowardly is that?"

When Dellaire called and warned Joshua Dossenback, the owner of Altered Egos Comics in Orange Park, the two men were already inside that store.

"I took the books and put them down, and they just made a beeline for the door," Dossenback said. "I followed them out and took a picture of the license plate."

News4Jax has reached out to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office for an official police report. Because the two men have not officially been charged with a crime, News4Jax cannot reveal their faces.

Store owners, however, say they have a tight knit community in the comic book world, and they’re all working together on social media, posting photos to get the men behind bars.

"It’s not a vengeance type of thing," Dellaire said. "It’s more of a, let’s get these two jokers off the street."

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