Investigative report reveals relationship between Kessler, Cummings

Kimberly Kessler charged with murdering Joleen Cummings

Jennifer Kessler and Joleen Cummings
Jennifer Kessler and Joleen Cummings

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – An investigative report shared on Friday with News4Jax reveals details of the relationship between Kimberly Kessler and the Nassau County hairdresser she's accused of murdering, Joleen Cummings.

Cummings was last seen the day before Mother's Day, according to deputies. Kessler is the last person who saw her alive.

The missing woman's body still hasn't been found. Some things of note mentioned in the investigative report, all of which were documented by the Nassau County Sheriff's Office:

  • Kessler replied to an ad placed on Craiglist by Tangles, the hairdresser both she and Cummings worked at.
  • Kessler, who also goes by the alias Jennifer Sybert, told Nassau County deputies her ex-boyfriend was a computer stalker and would track her down if her name was filed in a police report.
  • At a later date, after learning a detective wished to speak with her at Tangles, Kessler left the salon.
  • Cummings made statements to her co-workers that something was not right with Kessler, but she couldn't specify what.
  • Cummings asked the salon owner for personal information about Kessler so she could do an online criminal records search.
  • Kessler told her real name to several inmates in the St. Johns County jail.
  • While being transported to the Nassau County jail, Kessler told the driver her real name.
  • Before working at Tangles, Kessler worked at a Great Clips in St. Johns County under the name Mia Siebert.
  • Kessler was once employed at the Great Clips in Bartram Park under the name Marie Stone. She frequently wore wigs there and told workers she was hiding from her ex-husband. Kessler quit without notice after becoming argumentative with a customer.
  • A Duval County inmate housed with Kessler said "The woman is missing from Nassau because she did something to her son," indicating Cummings harmed Kessler's child. (There is no evidence that Kessler is a mother.)
  • Kessler told inmates she got her name from a tombstone. Inmates said Kessler would act as though she walking on the phone.

Kessler is held in the Duval County jail, where she's been since June after a hunger strike at the Nassau County Jail. Her next hearing is slated for Jan. 3.