Ocean Palms Elementary heads to open enrollment lottery

Open enrollment for 4 eligible St. Johns County schools ended last week

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ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Of four St. Johns County public schools eligible for open enrollment this year, only one ended up with more applicants than available slots, the district said.

Ocean Palms Elementary School in Ponte Vedra Beach had 30 applicants for 15 available seats. The nine in-county applicants are automatically selected, and the 21 out-of-county applicants will be entered into a lottery for the remaining six seats.

Only schools with enrollment below 80 percent had available slots through open enrollment. The district caps it at 80 percent to maintain room for expected future growth.

There are three other schools -- two elementary schools and one middle school -- that had seats available for next school year:

PVPV-Rawlings Elementary School in Ponte Vedra Beach had 43 applicants for 46 available seats.

The Webster School in St. Augustine had seven applicants for 302 seats available at the elementary school.

Murray Middle School in St. Augustine had eight applicants for 105 available seats. 

Of the 88 total applicants for the four eligible schools, 64 were from out of the county.

PVPV-Rawlings and The Webster School were on the list last year. According to the school district, PVPV-Rawlings is likely on the list again because it’s a built-out community, so enrollment stays pretty flat. 

Murray Middle was not on the list last year but was the year before. That's because of an enrollment shift, according to the school district. 

Ocean Palms was new to the list, which the district said is likely because of rezoning. Many students at that school went to Palm Valley Academy when it opened this year. 

Parents who live out of the county must provide their own transportation for their children.