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5-foot sturgeon washes ashore in St. Johns River

Photo: Sadler Point Marine Center
Photo: Sadler Point Marine Center

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A 5-foot sturgeon washed ashore in the St. Johns River on Friday, according to Sadler Point Marine Center, they shared these photos on their Facebook page. 

Sturgeon are typically found in freshwater bodies of water, not the St Johns River. The closest body of water sturgeon are known to be found in the Suwannee River

Sturgeon are most known for their acrobatic abilities, often jumping in boats or even striking people in the boats while they are driving by. 

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It is unknown what caused the fish to die. Sadler Point Marina contacted Florida Fish and Wildlife to alert them to the sturgeon carcass, we are waiting to hear the results of their investigation. 

The evolution of the sturgeon dates back to the Triassic some 245 to 208 million years ago, according to Wikipedia

It is rumored that the vibrations from boat motors can prompt the sturgeon to jump. Sturgeon also jump routinely on their own. Researchers have determined that the sturgeon jump to communicate with other fish and to gulp air to fill their swim bladders. This allows the sturgeon to maintain neutral buoyancy.

Sturgeon in the Suwannee are more commonly observed jumping where they gather in “holding” areas. Major holding areas in the Suwannee occur above Jack's Sandbar; below Manatee Springs; between Fanning Springs and Usher Landing; below Old Town Trestle; below the confluence of the Santa Fe and Suwannee rivers; near Rock Bluff; and below Anderson Springs. 

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