5th earthquake in 3 weeks shakes Alabama-Florida state line


MOBILE, Ala. – Another weak earthquake has struck near the Alabama-Florida state line.

It's the fifth small quake in the area this month. There has been no damage or injuries from any of them.

The U.S. Geological Survey said a 2.7 magnitude quake hit an area about 2 miles east of Century, Florida, on Sunday.

The first quake in the area struck March 6. Another occurred March 11 and two more happened March 13.

The first quake, March 6, was recorded as the strongest at 3.1 magnitude. It was about 3 miles east-northeast of Flomaton. It was felt 20 miles away in Brewton and also on the Florida side the state line.

Alabama's Geological Investigations Program said the five quakes are part of the "normal seismic activity" in the area.

Areas that see frequent earthquakes are usually located along fault lines, where tectonic plates meet that make up the earth's crust. The earthquakes occurring along the Florida-Alabama line are more rare, as this area is not located on a fault line. These weak earthquakes are occurring along a boundary within the plate and are called intraplate earthquakes. 

No damage was reported from the weak quake, which the Geological Survey says was too weak for most people to even feel. Most earthquakes that register below 2.5 are too weak to be felt and are usually only registered by seismographs instead of reported. 

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