Kids'n Capes empowers children to help prevent child sex abuse

Group founded by child sexual abuse advocate gives children power to speak up

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Kids'n Capes (KNC), a nonprofit organization founded by Kandra Albury, gives children the language they need to stop sexual abuse.

KNC's approach to preventing sexual abuse seems to be working. Last year the organization reached more than 700 children in elementary and middle schools, community groups and churches across Florida.

The group teaches children the four "Don't you dare touch me there zones" and the names of those areas. KNC also teaches children and adults to call their private areas by name and to keep telling about their experience until someone listens.

“Parents should start talking to their children as early as 2 years old by introducing body parts by name,” said Albury. “The sooner adults become comfortable with the subject, the easier it is to have these conversations as children get older.” 

KNC uses "The Feisty Four Children’s Book Series," authored by founder and CEO Kandra Albury, to teach children how to become their own advocate and prevent sexual abuse. The colorful, rhyming and adventurous books feature four diverse characters who wear superhero capes and activate courage as their superpower. 

The nonprofit will host its second annual COURAGEously Blue Tie Gala on Sunday, April 28 and feature New York Times bestselling-author, William Paul Young. Young is the author of "The Shack" and is also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

All proceeds from the event will benefit the organization's prevention and awareness programs.

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