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Fernandina Marina set to begin repairs 2 years after Hurricane Matthew

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FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. – Progress is being made on repairs to the Fernandina Marina more than two years after it was wrecked by Hurricane Matthew.

Crews began rebuilding on the southern end late last year. The attention now turns to the northern end as the city reviews its plans for repairs.

This is where boaters will once again be able to fuel up their boats.

“The marina is going to be returned and is going to come back in a way that city has never seen,” Joe Springer said. He is the manager at West Track Marinas.

In the meantime, crews are making more progress on the south end, where they are preparing to eventually put the new docks in.

“When the crews actually arrived on site it was that spark of energy that not only the marina and the marina staff needed but the city,” Springer said. 

The shattered concrete of the old docks have been removed and will be rebuilt to withstand powerful storms in the future. “They’re going to be bigger, they’re going to be longer and instead of having a massive concrete dock which is good in some environments including this one, we’ve elected to go with a metal floating dock which has a tendency to be able to rack a little better than concrete does,” Springer said.

The city hopes to have the south end back open by early fall. 

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