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You'll want this giant inflatable water trampoline for summer

This is must-have for any summer lake house

Sam's Club.
Sam's Club.

Summer is officially on its way, which means it's time to snag up all the inflatable pool toys shaped like giant pieces of fruit and adorable animals before they're all gone.

The latest version of this summer trend has now spread its way to water trampolines shaped like giant turtles and ducks.

The inflatables, like the one picture above, is 10 feet long and feature a 6 foot long trampoline in the center that looks like a blast to jump on. The turtle and duck are sporting some killer summer shades, but we have to give it to the turtle for being 100 percent adorable. 

Besides jumping on the trampoline, the giant inflatable would be perfect for tanning, hanging out and sipping on an ice cold drink. Does it get any more fabulous than that? 

Sam's Club is selling the water trampolines for $299.98, and they're even available on the store's website. The trampoline itself fits about two people, and please, make sure this bad boy is set up in a lake or bay far away from any docks or piers. 

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