Family finds pieces of plane in river behind their home

Lakewood family says the piece was found by a bulkhead in St. Johns River

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A family who lives in the Lakewood area of Jacksonville on Saturday said it found a piece of what appears to be the plane that skidded off the runway at NAS Jax and into the St. Johns River.

The family and two sons found a piece of plane around 1:45 p.m. Saturday with the same markings as the plane that went into the river Friday night.

Henry Wilson said he found the wreckage. " Our family was walking down the dock, our dad noticed it and then our grandpa asked, 'What is that right there?' and then our dad said, 'I think it's an airplane part. It's part of the airplane. Then we grabbed it out of the water.'"

Jonas and Henry Wilson, both 10, were thrilled to show off their find in a photo. Their home is located about five miles north across the river from where the plane went into the water.

The Wilson family also located what could be another part that came from the plane that skidded off the runway at NAS Jax Friday night.

It's unclear exactly where the part goes on the plane but we compared pictures and it appears its from the nose landing gear door where the front wheels come down.

The FAA said if anyone finds wreckage from the plan to call local law enforcement so they can give it to the agencies investigating the plane mishap.

None of the 142 passengers on board was seriously hurt. 

Nearly 2 dozen people who were hospitalized Friday night have been released from area hospitals.

There were pets on board the plane. Officials said the pets are presumed dead. 

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