Clay County Sheriff's Office partners with businesses to reduce crime

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. – The Clay County Sheriff’s Office is introducing a new partnership with businesses to help reduce crime. It’s called "Clay Community Connect" or "C3."

It gives the Sheriff’s Office access to a businesses surveillance video if it is part of the program. The goal is to give detectives quicker and easier access to the information they need to investigate criminal activity and create a safer city.  

According to the county, businesses can choose to give the Sheriff’s Office access to its video security system through the cloud.

“If a crime occurs in an area or near a location where we have access to these cameras, then not only can we see it real time but we can leverage that footage to get out BOLOS (be on the look-out) to additional units to advise the media of certain people we're trying to look for to push that message out to get a quick apprehension so it’s really a game changer,” said Sheriff Darryl Daniels.

Right now, three businesses in Clay County are currently participating in this program.

The companies that join are responsible for buying, installing and maintaining the security system. To participate, businesses do need to sign a partnership agreement.

The program does not replace 911. If there is an emergency, businesses are still urged to call 911.

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The sheriff’s office said the program has already helped them in several investigations.

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