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Dogs from overcrowded shelter in Texas arrive in Nassau Co.

Humane Society take part in joint effort to save dogs

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YULEE, Fla. – The Nassau County Humane Society has taken in 29 dogs that were in an overcrowded shelter in Texas. It's part of a joint effort to prevent dogs from being euthanized.

"There are all sorts. We have three Chihuahuas, a cattle dog, a great Dane mix, a Newfoundland mix, a great Pyrenees mix, and a Pomeranian mix and quite a few have been adopted so far and of course, some of ours have been adopted.... just people finding what’s right for them," said Christina Sutherin, operations director said.

Sutherin says there are so many different sizes and breeds and temperaments it’s really a win for the shelter to be able to offer so much variety to the public.
It’s important to do research before choosing a fur baby, though.

"Know what your lifestyle is. Everybody (has) a specific breed in mind but sometimes that husky if you live in an apartment or a border collie if you live in an apartment may not be the best fit for you to be open to the dogs as an individual," Sutherin said.

Sutherlin is fostering one of the dogs currently and wants to remind anyone who does take home a dog to allow for an adjustment period.

"You come out here and feel good about doing it and you want to take them to the beach and PetSmart but sometimes they just need a few days to get into the groove and then you see them blossom. And that’s the rewarding thing--- seeing them go from a terrified shelter animal to this thriving family member," Sutherlin said.

If you aren’t 100% sure about a dog and want to test things out, the society has Rent a Rover, which is a play day, or a sleepover, or you can also become a foster owner.



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