Family concerned for future after mother's death

Jeanie Rozar was run over, killed while getting off JTA bus

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Days after Jeanie Rozar was killed by a city bus, the family's attorney said her loved ones want to give her a proper burial and support her 12-year-old daughter.

According to her family, Rozar worked as a shrimp peeler at Safe Harbor. It was a modest job, but it took care of her daughter and her mother.

Her family worries about how they will get by without her.

A Jacksonville law firm has filed a notice acknowledging that it will represent the family. The firm said it is not focused on a lawsuit, but simply wants to help Rozar's family.

"Our primary concern is just being able to take care of her minor child and her mother," attorney Catheline Georges said.

Although no formal complaint has been filed, the family is still waiting for a response from the Jacksonville Transportation Authority.

Since the crash, JTA has apologized publicly for the deadly accident, and the company's CEO opened his Thursday meeting with a moment of silence for Rozar. The family's attorney said that's not enough.

"JTA did have a moment of silence on behalf of Mrs. Rozar, which we do believe was sincere, but as of today (Friday), JTA has not returned our phone calls," Georges said.

Reep Law cannot file a complaint and move forward with a lawsuit until after six months. After that, the family could potentially receive up to $200,000 if they file a lawsuit and a judge agrees to the amount. It would require the state to approve a larger amount.

The family is planning the 50-year-old mother's funeral and has created a fundraising account. The invesitgation into the bus accident is ongoing.

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