Video: Jacksonville kayaker saves bird tangled in fishing line

Way to go!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – An incredible act of kindness from a Jacksonville kayaker was caught on camera over the weekend. 

Two men fishing in the St. Johns River near Heckscher Drive saved a bird after they noticed it was tangled in fishing line. 

Smith Busters said he was fishing from land on Sunday and saw a bird struggling. That's when he put his kayak in the water and saw the fishing line wrapped around its body. 

He was able to trap the bird, rid him of the fishing line, and set him free. 

Now he is calling for people to help keep the water clean. 

"Not saying anyone on here (Facebook) is responsible, but we all take part in this when we fish. I really feel we need to clean up our waters." 

After the bird was let go, the video shows the handful of fishing line that was around the bird. 

The bird is now happy and appeared to spread his wings and fly off. 



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