Another broken elevator leaves residents stranded

Elevator at Christine Cove Apartments out of service since last week

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A broken elevator has left residents on the second floor and above trapped inside a building if they are unable to use the stairs and rely on wheelchairs to get around. This is the third elevator this week that has been out of service at apartment buildings across Jacksonville.

The elevator in building one of the Christine Cove Apartments on Soutel Drive has been out of service since the building was struck by lightning last week, according to residents.

Residents told News4Jax there are several people who live in building one of the complex who have disabilities and live on the second and third floors leaving them trapped and unable to get groceries or even go to see their doctors.

“It’s not going down. That’s bad for me. It’s coming up because I have issues with my knees and my back,” Linda Reddish, a resident at Christine Cove Apartments building one, said.

Reddish said she heard when the elevator fell from the third floor all the way to the ground. She said no one was inside the elevator when it came crashing down.


"There was a bad storm last week with lightning last Thursday or Friday. We heard it when it dropped," Reddish said. ”We were told that it was going to be done (repaired) sometime this week. I don’t know what particular day.” 

Just yesterday, the News4Jax I-Team looked into an elevator that failed at the Centennial Towers, a high-rise senior community in downtown Jacksonville, sending one person to a hospital. Shortly before that, a woman who relies on her wheelchair to get around was stuck in her apartment after an elevator broke down at the Wynnfield Lakes Apartments. 

“We're just hoping that everything can get taken care of,” Reddish said.

News4Jax crews called the complex, and management hung up on our reporter when we tried getting answers. 

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