Suspected drug house raided in Paxon neighborhood

Witnesses: Several people were arrested in raid by JSO, SWAT

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Multiple people were taken into custody Monday afternoon after a raid at a home in the Paxon neighborhood.

Roads in the neighborhood surrounding a home on Allandale Circle East were closed off by police officers during the raid. Detectives told News4Jax they were serving a search warrant for narcotics.

A woman said she was walking her dogs when she saw the police.

"I heard flashbangs and a lot of shuffling around and banging," she said.

Neighbors said they have been concerned about suspected drug dealing going on at the house.

“People coming in and one time, my wife and I saw someone swap (something) right in front of us. They stop their cars right in front of us and they swapped (it) out the door. No care in the world given,” the woman said. “There was an exchange of something going on and it was obvious what was going on down there.”

It's unclear what police found in the home.

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