Man shot, bullets nearly hit 2nd man lying in bed at home

Delisha Ricks says her house was hit by gunfire in shooting

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A man was wounded in a shooting near the Paxon neighborhood, and a woman says her father was lying in bed when he, too, was nearly struck by gunfire.

The shooting happened around 11 p.m. Tuesday on Hood Avenue. Police said the shooting occurred in the street, and Delisha Ricks said bullets hit her home while she was cleaning.

Ricks said her father has cancer, and she is his full-time caretaker. When she heard the shots fired, she ran to check on her father, finding him lying on the ground as he tried to take cover.

According to Ricks, a bullet almost hit her father while he was in bed. She had a message for the shooter.

"I want them to know that senseless shooting and hurting and harming other people, that doesn't make sense," Ricks said. "There's too many people dying right now."

Ricks said she and her father were in the process of moving out of their home. She said she's glad they will be moving somewhere safer.

Anyone with information about the shooting was asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS.

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