Fairway to heaven: UK church builds mini-golf course in nave

Course will be open until Sept. 1

Photo contributed/ Rochester Cathedral.
Photo contributed/ Rochester Cathedral.

Churches everywhere always hope to attract a younger audience and families, but a church in the United Kingdom certainly came up with an unusual idea to do so.

The Rochester Cathedral, which is located 34 miles southeast of London, has built a nine-hole miniature golf course in its nave, according to the BBC.

The course will be open until Sept. 1.

Each hole on the course features a depiction of a bridge, which is by design from the creators. 

The cathedral hopes the course will symbolize the importance of building bridges both physically and emotionally, in addition to creating a fun activity in the church for younger people and families. 

The course includes models of bridges throughout the country, but it has generated controversy. 

The Right Rev. Dr. Gavien Ashenden, bishop of the Anglican Episcopal Church, said the course was “born of desperation” and people can be “tricked into a search for God.”

Is this something that is a good idea for the church to do? Or does it perhaps devalue church tradition? Let us know in the poll below. 

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