While Chantal swirls in the deep Atlantic, something lurks to our south

Another Tropical development in the works

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While Chantal swirls well away from any land interaction in the deep Atlantic, an area of low pressure is developing between the Bahamas and South Florida and could bring more tropical rain to the "Sunshine State" and Georgia.

As of Wednesday evening, the hurricane center was giving the system a 20% chance of developing tropical characteristics over the next five days.

The U.S. and European computer models show it moving west toward Florida before heading north along the Eastern seabord.

From the National Hurricane Center:  An area of disturbed weather located over the central and northwestern Bahamas is producing disorganized showers and thunderstorms. Some slow development of this system is possible over the next several days at it moves toward the Florida peninsula and then the southeastern United States.  Formation chance through 48 hours: 0 percent.  Formation chance through five days: 20%


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