Vandalism causes massive power outage in Clay County

More than 6,000 people woke up Saturday without electricity

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – More than 6,000 Clay County residents lost power early Saturday morning when vandals broke into several substations, according to Clay Electric.

The utility cooperative's outage map showed the areas without power included Middleburg, Normandy, Lake Asbury and several neighborhoods off Blanding Boulevard at 5 a.m.

Brian Kacsan lives in Lake Asbury and was affected by the outage.

"I just thought it was our neighborhood and then I got informed it was more than one, 6,000 customers. That's pretty crazy," Kacsan said. "We saw them working on some power lines on Hanley Road. I just thought it was maybe routine maintenance, didn't know it was this bad."

Clay Electric Cooperate, Inc. was able to get all the power restored later Saturday morning.

A spokesman for Clay Electric said depending on how the criminal investigation unfolds, the people who caused the outage could face multiple charges. He added that the company can't disclose the extent of the vandalism due to safety and security reasons. 

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