Clay County school tax resolution will go before county commissioners

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – Following a legal battle, the Clay County School District moved ahead Thursday night with a plan for voters to weigh-in on a half-cent sales tax resolution in 2020.

During a meeting, the resolution passed unanimously 5-0. It will now go before the Clay County Board of Commissioners.

There will be no special election and non of the associated costs in 2019. That was handled by a court when a judge ruled in August against the Clay County School Board in a lawsuit.

More than an hour of the regular board meeting reviewed the upcoming budget and millage rate, with plenty of vocal opposition on paying more.

"We get it. We know what you need. We know what you want. We just don’t agree with your amount," one person said.

'You all continuously ask for more. How much do we have to give?" another person said. "We've got to put a stop to it."

Eventually, the board got to discuss what it hopes will happen in just over a year. Members voted to send a half-cent sales surtax proposal to the County Commission, with a request to place the measure on the ballot.

November 2020 is the next scheduled general election.

"We would have liked to have had sooner but, you know, the legislature has said anything after January 1st goes on the general election ballot," said Board Chair Carol Studdard. "We follow the rules. We obey the law, and so, I just want to put this puppy to bed so then we can get on."

Revenue from the sales surtax, if approved, would fund repairs or the replacement of school facilities.

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