Community gathers to raise funds for hospitalized Hilliard quarterback

Quarterback Nathan Dowie was injured during season-opening game

HILLIARD, Fla. – Friday night football has not been the same since Hilliard Middle Senior High School quarterback Nathan Dowie was injured during the season-opening game against Oak Hall High School. The hit he took led to a brain bleed.

There will be lots of medical bills to pay, so the entire town of Hilliard came together to raise money for Dowie through something close to everyone's heart: food.

"This is just a time we can come together and, you know, sharing what's important," said Dallis Hunter, the organizer of the food fundraiser for Dowie.

Working by Hunter's side are Dowie's peers, who want to see him recover.

"Nobody knew that something like that was gonna happen, and it's pretty shocking," Conner Bennett said.

"It feels good because, I mean, we're a small town, so pretty much everybody knows everybody," Isaac Hunter said. "So, I mean, we just all rally around anybody who's hurting right now."

Dowie has made a lot of progress. Right now, he is in rehabilitation.

"We're just looking forward to the day he comes home and has a full recovery," Dallis Hunter said.

When Dowie makes that full recovery, Hunter and the entire community want to make sure the student's medical bills are paid.

Dowie comes from a small town that has a lot of love.

"I hope it just excites him," Dallis Hunter said. "I hope it invigorates his spirit and he just gets excited for the support he has here in Hilliard and it just helps with the healing process."

Nearly $5,000 was raised. Anyone who would like to donate can click here.

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