VIDEO: Crook leads cops on golf cart chase through Florida golf course

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. – Talk about hazards. Two golfers were robbed of their golf cart on a Florida course Thursday then watched the thief lead police on a chase down the fairway.

The men were about to tee off on the 7th hole of a private Martin County course when a suspect fleeing the cops approached the duo. The man, Jerome Inman, said he had a gun and took off with the golfers' cart, including their golf bags.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office helicopter joined the chase and followed Inman as he made his way around the course before he eventually gave up on the green of 7th hole.

Inman, 25, is suspected of being part of a group that went on an auto theft crime spree. The group bailed out of a stolen car while being followed by police and ran away on foot.

The golfers were not injured, although it is not known whether they continued their round.

Suspect Steals Golf Cart to Outrun Helicopter

YES THERE’S VIDEO. PBC MAN ON CRIME SPREE STEALS GOLF CART TO OUTRUN MCSO AIR1. GUESS HOW THIS ENDS. Two men enjoying a round of golf at a private Martin County community golf course, had their tee-off on the 7th cut short, when a fleeing suspect commandeered their golf cart in an attempt outrun MCSO Air1. The golfers said they were just about the tee off when 25-year old Jerome Inman appeared out of nowhere, told them he had a gun—and stole their golf cart. The men watched Inman take off across the course on the low speed ride as Air1 followed from the air. Inman, who is from Greenacres, is one of two possible three men who went on an auto theft crime spree in Martin County that prompted a pursuit, a crash—and then a manhunt. The suspects bailed out of the stolen car they just crashed, and ran on foot. Inman made his way onto the private golf course. He later told deputies that he stole the cart because he thought he could make a faster get-away. MCSO Air1 Chief Pilot Deputy Doug Newsom and Tactical Flight Officer Deputy Justin Lunstedt were able to lead ground deputies to Inman, where he surrendered not far from the 7th hole. Inman was charged with Grand Theft Auto and remains at the Martin County jail. The second suspect was also captured and charged. The golfers were not injured.

Posted by Martin County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, September 12, 2019