Not as hot by the end of the week

Jacksonville's weather forecast heats up behind Humberto

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – As Humberto pulls further away from our coast, our weather is drier, sunnier, and hotter. Tonight we will see clear skies and breezy northeasterly winds. Temperatures will turn mild around sunset and venture down into the lovely upper 60s and low 70s overnight.

Tuesday will be sunny, dry, and hot. Our temperatures will soar into the low 90s for the afternoon hours, topping out at 92°. Winds will be out of the northeast, between 10-15 mph. 

Wednesday holds our best chance for showers this week. We start out with partly cloudy skies and low 70s. Expect building clouds and 50% chances for showers. Temperatures will top out in the upper 80s for the afternoon hours. 

Thursday marks a stretch of not AS hot weather! We wake up in the enviable mid to upper 60s and warm up into the mid to upper 80s. The skies clear out during the day and we end up with clear skies.

Jaguars game: the forecast looks excellent! Temperatures will be comfortable around kickoff and turning mild during the game under clear skies.

Friday starts out lovely, in the mid to upper 60s and warms up into the mid to upper 80s under mostly sunny skies.

Next weekend looks fabulous, with comfortable mornings starting in the mid to upper 60s and sunny, dry afternoons topping out in the mid to upper 80s. 

Tracking the Tropics:
Hurricane Humberto pulls further away from our coast and will end up not making any impact on the United States. The next system to watch for has a high (90%) chance to develop as it tracks westward. Long term forecast models show this system remaining out to see, curving away from the United States.