'Virginity Rocks': Student says he was told to change shirt at Clay High

Pierce Bridges says shirt supports his belief to wait until marriage to have sex

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. – A Clay High School student told News4Jax he was told by the school to change his shirt, which he said supports abstinence.

Pierce Bridges said the school told him the shirt, which reads, "Virginity Rocks," was inappropriate. He said he's worn the shirt to school a dozen times, but recently, he said a teacher told him to change.

"I took it personally because it's supporting something with my religion, and it's supporting abstinence," Bridges said. "It's not trying to be funny. It's something that I believe in strongly and support strongly."

Bridges' father, Chris Bridges, said he was upset when a staff member told him why the school felt the shirt was inappropriate.

“They deemed that it was a distraction to the school in the learning atmosphere, and they told me that it was due to the sexual content because it has the word virginity in it," Chris Bridges said.

A famous YouTuber named Danny Duncan created the shirts. Pierce Bridges said he wears the shirt to promote his belief in waiting until marriage to have sex.

“I feel like everybody should be able to voice their beliefs," Pierce Bridges said. "I feel like people shouldn’t hold back on what they believe in.”

A request for comment from the Clay County School District was not immediately returned Wednesday. Chris Bridges said he plans to bring the issue to the attention of the school board.

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