Domestic violence victims remembered at fundraising breakfast

Empty table honored 12 victims killed in Jacksonville last year alone

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Over the last 25 years, the Annual Barbara Ann Campbell Memorial Breakfast has raised awareness about domestic violence to remember those who have lost their lives and to support survivors who use Hubbard House as a resource.  

Members of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, State Attorney Melissa Nelson and hundreds of others gathered at the Hyatt downtown on Tuesday. However, the most prominent of guests were those who were not able to attend.

At the entrance of the ballroom was a table with 13 place settings, representing the 13 people who died from domestic violence in Jacksonville last year.

At the head of the table -- the story of Barbara Ann Campbell, who was a victim of domestic violence and now the namesake of this annual event.

At each place setting was the story of how that person lost their lives to domestic abuse. One read:

"Police discovered this victim's stabbed, deceased body in the trunk of her husbands car. The woman's husband, 45, had called a neighbor, confessing that he'd killed the victim, his wife 42, and put her body in the trunk. The neighbor called 911 and the police responded. The husband locked himself inside, attempted suicide by ingesting pills, but eventually responded to SWAT negotiators. He was remanded to a mental health facility under the Baker Act.The couple was divorcing. Their 10 year-old-child was present during the incident."

The stories around the table -- just as horrific as the next.

"This victim, a woman, 34, who was separated from her husband, was found deceased outside his resident. She's suffered multiple gunshot to the head and body. Prior to the homicide, the husband called a mutual friend and told him he was going to kill his wife."


However, thanks to the Hubbard House, there can be hope for other survivors of domestic violence. Last year the Annual Barbara Ann Campbell breakfast raised $100,000.

All the proceeds going to the Hubbard House.