Man accused of trying to hit Camden County deputy head-on

Thomas Seitz, 25, led deputy on 11-mile chase, Sheriff's Office says

CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. – A high-speed pursuit in Camden County led to the arrest of a Fort Lauderdale man who attempted to ram a deputy head-on as she drove her cruiser, according to a report from the Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said Thomas Seitz, 25, was arrested after an 11-mile chase down U.S. Highway 17. Prior to the pursuit, the Sheriff's Office said Seitz entered oncoming traffic on U.S. 17, attempting to hit a deputy head-on.

The female deputy, the Sheriff's Office said, took evasive action and was forced off the road. She radioed dispatch, and moments later, a second deputy was in pursuit of the driver, which was caught on dashcam.

Pursuing deputy: "Pull over. Don't be stupid. Don't make me PIT you. Please pull over."

According to the Sheriff's Office, speeds during the chase exceeded 70 mph in some areas where the posted speed limit was 55 mph. The chase came to an end near a wooded area on Confederate Point Drive.

The video shows the deputy walk up to the car.

Pursuing deputy: "You'd better show me your [expletive] hands. Both of them, right now."

Moments later, the deputy who the Sheriff's Office said was run off the road arrives at the scene. She isn't seen in the video, but she is heard confirming it's the suspect’s vehicle.

Female deputy: "I got off the road, and the two trucks behind me got off the road. He was headed right at us."

According to the report, when Seitz was asked why he didn’t stop, he told the deputy he thought the deputy was going to kill him. When Seitz was asked why, Seitz said because he tried to kill the deputy’s co-worker, the report stated.

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