Historic bowling alley in Jacksonville Beach closes

Beach Bowl: Good times have stopping rolling

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – A staple in Jacksonville Beach is no longer in business.

Beach Bowl, the bowling alley along Beach Boulevard near Ninth Street closed its doors for good this weekend.

When you call Beach Bowl, this is the message on the machine: "Welcome to Beach Bowl where the good times have stopped rolling. We have closed our doors. Thank you for your years of patronage." 

The family that's run Beach Bowl for 35 years says on Facebook the closure was the result of legal trouble with the building's owner.

The historic Beach Bowl bowling alley had been open for more than 50 years and had its last bowl on Friday evening. 

An owner of Beach Bowl shared the following post on Facebook: "Thank you to all our guests over the last 35 years that my husband owned Beach Bowl. He is still the owner but at some point next week the landlord will probably win the last battle and get his building back. He did not want us to exercise our last option three years ago and we have been in court for three years. We cannot afford any more legal fees. Instead of upgrading the facilities the last years we had to pay attorneys. After winning first case another case started. I think you just might get condos or something. But it is their property to do as they wish. Thank you Beach patrons for all the wonderful years. A huge thanks to all our wonderful employees, I wish we could have had a happy ending or at least a fun goodbye but if we lose we will have no time to exit. If we win we can open back up."