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Kayaker shares video of monkeys doing cannonballs at Silver Springs

Video shows monkeys moving across Silver River

MARION COUNTY, Fla. – A kayaker shared a video from Oct. 29 of a group of monkeys jumping into the Silver River at Silver Springs State Park.

Rod Guynn said he was told other kayakers on the river were seeing monkeys in the trees.

"Normally, you'll see, in the trees or in the banks, you'll see a few. If you counted the monkeys you see, you'll see two to 10. I haven't normally seen a really large number together," he said.

Guynn said he never saw a group of 20 monkeys at once.

He said he started to hear loud smacking noises in the water.

"When I turned around the corner, I saw a monkey belly-flop into the water," he said.

The video he took shows several monkeys jump in the water.

Guynn said the monkeys were jumping off tree limbs because an aggressive monkey was barking at them.

He said the monkeys looked scared.

A couple of the monkeys came close to the kayak, he said.

He said he thinks the monkeys were systemically moving the group across the river.

"It never occurred to me to be scared. I think I was just a guy floating by in a kayak. I don't think they even paid attention to me." 

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