St. Augustine man arrested, accused of trying to support ISIS

Romeo Langhorne, 30, arrested in Roanoke, Virginia

ROANOKE, Va. – A St. Augustine man has been arrested in Virginia and accused of attempting to provide material support to ISIS, according to a federal criminal complaint.

Records show Romeo Langhorne, 30, has addresses in Rocky Mount, Virginia, and St. Augustine. As of Saturday, he was being held at the Western Virginia Regional Jail, where he was booked Nov. 15.

According to the complaint, Langhorne has been directing an undercover FBI agent since February in the production of a video intended to provide instructions on how to acquire materials and create an explosive.

Langhorne first got the attention of law enforcement in 2014, the affidavit says, when he posted on Facebook images in support of ISIS.

The affidavit says Langhorne has a number of accounts on social media platforms and that he used those accounts to advertise his support of the terror group, including a cover image that reads “SEEKING TO KILL AND BE KILLED” and a picture of himself with his face covered in a red Arab headdress.

Langhorne and the FBI agent engaged in multiple conversations this year, which were detailed in the affidavit. In the conversations, the affidavit said Langhorne directed the agent in the production of a video that would give instructions on how to discreetly acquire the materials to make the explosive TATP.

Those conversations, the complaint states, continued until Nov. 7, which would have been during some of the time Langhorne was living at a mobile home park off Francis Street.

“It’s very disturbing,” property manager Bryon Hedges said.

Hedges said the complex changed hands in the last few months, so he didn’t remember Langhorne, but he said it’s scary to think what could’ve happened right next door.

“If I would have been here, they would have literally been my neighbor,” Hedges said.

One neighbor, Charles Serecka, said he recognized Langhorne’s mugshot right away.

“He was always, like, shady, always, always looking around,” Serecka said. ”I remember I was going to the store one day and he was walking down the street and he had a brick in his hand. There were cops in here, and he kept looking back and forth back and forth, and he goes, ‘Are the cops still there?’ And I go, 'I don’t know, man.’ I remember him.”

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