Florida man accused of benefiting over $225K off dead mom

Richard Greenberg accepted his mother’s Social Security checks for 15 years after she died

US Social Security sample card and sample check, on texture, partial graphic (Associated Press)

MIAMI – A Florida man is facing serious charges after allegedly taking advantage of his mother's death.

According to the Miami Herald, 67-year-old Richard Greenberg continued to accept his mother’s Social Security checks for years after her death.

Rose Greenberg passed away in 2004.

The Social Security checks were deposited into a joint back account shared between Richard and Rose.

Records show that Richard Greenberg received $225,475 in improper funds.

An investigation into the crime began when an audit in the office of Florida’s Inspector General’s discovered the deposits continued after her death.

The last deposit was made in July.

Richard Greenberg was arrested in November. He’s facing 55 counts of theft of government property and faces a maximum penalty of 10 years.

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