City council fights to keep JEA profits

Jacksonville’s budget gets about $120 million from JEA


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville City council took up another issue Monday that affects JEA and its profits that go to the city.

Jacksonville’s budget gets about $120 million from JEA.

Now there is a move in the State Legislature that could do away with that. A bill in the Florida House would ban any utility money from going into city budgets.

On Monday, a City Council committee passed a resolution urging the Florida House to kill the measure.

Council members said the bill is an attack on home rule. Council members said the city of Jacksonville owns the utility and is entitled to the profits. Two other City Council committees will take up the resolution Tuesday and it will go to full Council next week.

Council members hope to have it completed by January by the time the Florida Legislature goes into session.

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