Carnival cruise ships could be used as floating hospitals amid coronavirus pandemic

Trump on offer to use Carnival cruise ships: ‘We appreciate it’

Galveston-based Carnival Cruise Line
Galveston-based Carnival Cruise Line (Carnival Cruise Line)

Select cruise shops could become floating hospitals to provide relief amid the coronavirus pandemic, Carnival Corporation announced Thursday.

According to a release obtained by WKMG, the ships would be used as temporary healthcare facilities to treat non-COVID-19 patients.

“With the continued spread of COVID-19 expected to exert added pressure on land-based healthcare facilities, including a possible shortage of hospital beds, Carnival Corporation and its brands are calling on governments and health authorities to consider using cruise ships as temporary healthcare facilities to treat non-COVID-19 patients, freeing up additional space and expanding capacity in land-based hospitals to treat cases of COVID-19,” a news release said.

In a briefing on Thursday, President Trump said it would increase places to stay.

“It was a very generous offer," Trump said. "And, uh, he said that, uh, he has, uh, some ships that would be ideally suited for what we’re doing. And certainly they have a lot of rooms that big and they have a lot of rooms, so we appreciate it from Carnival.”

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