5-year-old New York girl saves swan from storm drain

A 5-year-old girl in New York is being hailed as a hero. She noticed a swan trapped in a storm drain and helped save its life.

She quickly grabbed her grandmother’s phone and used Siri to text her dad.

He called the cops and they called animal control. They got the swan out with the help of a big net and everyone agreed it would not have survived had it not been for Olivia.

The first responders say even though it was not their toughest call, it was one of the sweetest.

“It’s just amazing with everything that’s going on right now,” David Tait said. “And the stress that all the children and the parents are under that this little girl and a swan can just bring a smile to everybody’s face for a little while. It’s a good feeling.”

Olivia says she wants to help animals when she grows up.  It appears she’s on the right track.

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