Pool owners facing chlorine shortage as summer approaches

Expert says buying chlorine for your pool might be more expensive this year, but there is an alternative

The cost of keeping your pool clean could rise due to a shortage of chlorine caused by a fire at a Louisiana chemical plant in August.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As temperatures head into the 90s this week and summer approaches, more people will be wanting to use their pools.

But, according to experts, there is a shortage of chlorine because of a fire at a chemical plant in Louisiana that happened in August. Charlie Hanson, who works for Ready Set Swim Pool and Spa Services, said that because of the shortage, buying chlorine for your pool might be more expensive this year.

“There’s a variety of different types of chlorine. People have been talking about the tablets being more costly,” Hanson said. “I haven’t seen a significant cost increase, but we’re hearing about it coming toward us.”

He said installing a salt chlorinator system into your pool is an alternative for chlorine.

“You still need other types of chlorine to help the pool throughout the year, but you keep it to a minimum,” he said.

Hanson said working a salt chlorinator is as effective as chlorine.

“If you keep the salt system on, it’s going to produce chlorine for you. You just need to add salt to the pool,” Hanson said.

He said the last thing you want to do is stop cleaning your pool with chlorine because of this shortage.

“It’s not just for the algae, it’s to prevent getting bacterial infections,” he said.

According to experts, it’s good to load up on chlorine before a steep price increase.

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