Corrine Brown's daughter to invoke 5th Amendment if called to testify

Former congresswoman's federal corruption trial to begin April 26

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Former U.S. Congresswoman Corrine Brown’s daughter filed a motion Wednesday, stating she will invoke her Fifth Amendment rights if she is called to testify at her mother’s federal corruption trial.

Brown faces 22 federal charges, including mail and wire fraud, and the trial begins April 26.

Court documents said that Shantrel Brown, Corrine’s daughter, was a non-party witness that was called to testify in her mother’s case. But if Shantrel is called to the stand, filed documents said she will invoke her Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination and will remain silent in response to any questions by the government.

The only purpose Shantrel would be called to the stand would be for the “atmospheric effect on the jury” to see Corrine Brown’s daughter invoke her Fifth Amendment rights, according to the motion.

According to court documents, the Fifth Amendment applies “where a witness is asked to incriminate himself, in other words, to give testimony which may possibly expose him to a criminal charge.”

“Given that Shantrel Brown will be exercising her Fifth Amendment privilege of silence in response to any questions at trial, this Court can properly exercise its discretion to quash the subpoena and to prevent the government from calling Shantrel Brown to testify,” the motion states.

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Shantrel’s attorney also filed a notice of appearance Wednesday on behalf of her client.

Jury selection, which is expected to last two days, is set for April 24. Thirty-nine potential jurors will be brought in for the selection process, which will result in a jury of 12 members and two alternates.

Prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney's Office filed a notice Friday afternoon with the names of 45 potential witness -- including Shantrel Brown -- in the upcoming trial of Brown. Later in the evening, Brown's defense team filed its list, which contains 33 names.

At a hearing this month, lawyers estimated there would be 11 days of testimony.

Brown told News4Jax last month that she would testify, defending herself in court, but her name is not on the witness list.

"I’m ready. I want this to be behind me. (This) chapter in my life, this needs to be over," Brown said.

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