After closing arguments, judge deliberates transgender bathroom lawsuit

Federal judge must decide if Nease student can use boys room at Nease High

By Frank Powers - Assignment manager

Drew Adams is suing the St. Johns County School Board.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - During closing arguments Friday in a federal lawsuit challenging a Nease High School's policy on transgender bathroom use, U.S. District Judge Timothy Corrigan asked the chairman of the St. Johns County School Board one question: Is the Nease rule the policy of the district?

Bill Mignon answered, "Yes."

Drew Adams' family sued, claiming discrimination after school officials told him he can use a gender-neutral bathroom on campus but cannot use the boys restroom, despite identifying as a male since 2015. 

One of the arguments Adams has against the district's bathroom policy is that there are fewer gender-neutral bathrooms on campus and they are not conveniently located.

“As most students would be a five-minute walk to the bathroom, I would have a 10-minute or 15-minute (walk),” Adams said in June, when the lawsuit was filed. “And if there’s a line, I would even have more time away from class."

After the trial began in December, Corrigan visited Nease to see for himself where the gender-neutral bathrooms are located compared to other bathrooms on campus.

The case was taken under advisement, with no indication when Corrigan might rule.


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