St. Johns County man spots coyote in backyard

By Zachery Lashway - Reporter/anchor

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. - A St. Johns County father of two says he and his family see wildlife outside their home almost every day, but he was caught by surprise when he saw a coyote Tuesday afternoon in his backyard.

Rob Subotich lives in the Plantation Estates neighborhood in Julington Creek. 

“There’s deer, all kinds of birds. Morning and evening. We will even put apples out there for the deer,” Subotich said.

But around lunchtime Tuesday, Subotich said he saw something he’s never seen before. 

“I saw big ears and a tail that didn’t look like a dog’s tail. So I grabbed my phone and I Googled it,” Subotich said.

That's how Subotich learned it was a coyote. He said the animal did not look mangy. 

“This one had healthy fur, that’s why I originally thought it was a dog," Subotich said.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, coyote sightings have been documented in all 67 counties. The commission says coyotes are usually timid animals and will only attack if they feel threatened. It's reminding people not to feed coyotes.

Experts said relocating coyotes from residential areas does not work, as they are indigenous to the area. They said the best way to deal with coyotes is to coexist.  

To report unusual coyote behavior to the FWC, click here.

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